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Songs of heroic deeds from a true winner
by Maure Coise

Touching possession. Asleep. "The human
cells form a great body. I can't fathom the
principles. Stop
in front the monitor, abduction". "Only a
united humanity could defeat it".

Narrative collapses upon itself collapses upon dialog upon the space of the text in the book as the
Line break introduces a new thread to hold onto before "Experiments will show us the way." Maure Coise's text occupies a variable location, shifting between theory-fiction and what comes after science-fiction, introducing a narrative realm that might be incomprehensible but is always exciting.


About the Author:
Maure Coise is the author of Geophilosophical Branding (Gnome Books, 2016) and lives on Cultus Mountain in the Cascades.

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