SL032, edition of 25
28 pages, 4.25" x 5.5"
Pamphlet Bound
$5.00 + s/h
November 15th, 2014
2nd Edition, December 2015

A Novella by Meghan Lamb

In Meghan Lamb's novella, the reader confronts free-will across time and space, as multiple narratives of hopeful despair encounter the wall that is love, the wall that is desire, the precipice that can be either definite or impossible. With direct prose reminiscent of the early works of Anna Kavan, characters are forced to confront the distance between reality and subjectivity. In the distance of both narratives echoes the name of a city in California: Sacramento. Neither a locatable destination nor a state capitol, but rather a spot on an imaginary map that unites grief with sovereignty.


About the Author
Meghan Lamb was born in Winfield, Illinois on Bastille Day, 1985. She lived in the midwest most of her life, where she nurtured her fascinations with pioneers, family bibles, amateur cartography, dysentery, and arranged marriages. She recently re-married and currently lives nowhere in particular.

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