SL022, edition of 30
16 + 24 pages, 8.5" x 5.5"
Pamphlet Bound & Banded
$10.00 + s/h
June 15th, 2014

by Tati Luboviski-Acosta

Poetry often sets out to encounter the self, but what happens when there are obstacles between the idea of the self and the poem? Tati Luboviski-Acosta's debut collection interrogates, in fragmented and poetic images, the events of contemporary living that serve as or create these obstacles. A youtube video can devastate the psyche when watched in early morning hours; you can eat a whole stick of butter without realizing it until you do realize it; carefully curated collage material can be mistaken for an envelope of trash. Sometimes it is family or friends that stand as an obstacle between the poem and the self, other times trauma or confusion. The incidentals of daily living get confused with the fantastique of the headscape when "having a body" is a difficult consideration. Luboviski-Acosta's poetry reminds us that nobody can understand existence, yet alone those of us who exist.


About the Author
Tati Luboviski-Acosta is an artist & worker surviving in San Francicso. Their work, ranging from photographs to disappearing clothing to altercations, poems, & collages to handmade films & dances, deals with race & class relations, exile, consecration & desecration, disappearance, liberation theology, prodromal states, feminism & entropy.

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