SL017, edition of 50 each
Assorted Page Counts, 4.25" x 5.5"


001 - Cambium
002 - Reverse Pieta
003 - Apostle Islands
004 - The Russian
005 - Memory as Void
by C.W. Kelly, Freddy Ruppert, William VanDenBerg,
Adrian West & Ross Brighton

The OBELISK SERIES was created to highlight short, transgressive works of narrative. By narrative: not necessarily fiction — rather, hybrid work that floats between prose & poetry, demonstrating an awareness of the stage that the violent white page presents.

001 - Cambium - C.W. Kelly

A textual invocation of place: a small village as simulacrum of the Swiss Alps, women wearing identical shoes, experience as nothing more than resemeblance. Silence echoes, the horsekeepers busy themselves with horse seizures, and the employees no longer even get paid.

C.W. Kelly writes for a foreign agency in Washington. He is on tumblr and on twitter.


002 - Reverse Pieta - Freddy Ruppert

As Mallarmé's Tomb for Anatole did before him, Ruppert's work deals with a sadness & despair assuming the silence of the white page & pushing against it in a dramatic attack.

Freddy Ruppert writes, composes, and records in Prague. His work often deals with circular themes of self-sabotage, the failure of body with the failure of memory, and the outward expression of grief in the public realm.


003 - Apostle Islands - William VanDenBerg

Apostle Islands finds itself presented as an unassuming travel guide. But instead of restaurants and tourist locales, we find only a preying hole, levitation, immolation, holes swallowing silence, the directions of birds, movement as travel. Island to island.

William VanDenBerg lives in Denver. He can be found online.


004 - The Russian - Adrian West

In West's The Russian narrative presents the details of a man: the man guides our story but we discover that ultimately a character is futile when faced with the terror of a life of abjection. Art can save us from nothing, can only push us alone into the tomb of our self.

Adrian West is a writer and translator from German and the western Romance languages. His work centers on the vital context of nominally abstract thought and being as radical passivity.


005 - Memory as Void - Ross Brighton

Submergence into a voided chamber of direct-address. The landscape abandoned like god. Shouting, cries. Towards a psychic landscape of the absence of/from a city destroyed by an earthquake and bled dry in the face of death, and the simultaneous presence and absence of memory as void, as temporal rift.

Ross Brighton is a New Zealand poet, formerly of Christchurch, now based in Auckland. He is currently working on a hybrid science fiction project called POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER.

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