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by Panagiotis Meletis

"My dead body knows no death. You let in the smell. I dwell inside you. I am not you. You become me. I need you. You need me. My dead body lies beside you. Touch it and you touch me as you touch yourself. I am not in there. I am everywhere."

How do we talk about a figure alone in a room after Beckett? Through the ten terse fragments of MY DEAD BODY KNOWS NO DEATH, Meletis departs from the stasis of representational language in order to introduce a poetic corporeality into the space of the text. But is the figure alone in the room or, like many of the poem sequences of Bernard NoŽl, is the figure engaged in a metaphysical dialog with the body of another, beyond the self? In stillness the text itself moves the body, and without introduction we find an Other against, with, or next to the figure of the self. "You and I" becomes "We" as the text progresses further, infinitely approaching the inapproachable. Text and self become one.


About the Author:
Panagiotis Meletis is a recording artist and composer from Greece.

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