SL034, edition of 30
40 pages, 8.5" x 7"
$13.00 + s/h
November 25th, 2014

 This Mutilated Woman's Head 
by Aurora Linnea

A spectacle of form that interrogates what it means to experience Girlhood through the fantastique.

"Sometimes a princess nightmare smells you up; gristled pink, parfumed black and chunks you through baroque bedrooms, a sorority swan girl bleaching dirty panties, or sploshing you in custard cysts. This Mutilated Woman's Head feels like a jeune fille's education in suppuration, pumping the crust full of this teenage castle while not giving a fuck about the curfew. I am strengthened and revived by its septic promise, as 'Sisterhood is brightest when bloody.'"
-Cassandra Troyan


About the Author
Aurora is no longer in collusion w/ the predator.

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