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June 25, 2016

by Claire Cox, Peter Galvin & Nathaxnne Walker

MURDERDRONE distills slasher film rules down to their most basic components.

Whether it is the simplicity of the “man in the mask” that drives Day of the Reaper and The Mad Mutilator, the ADD free-form ambition of Devil Story and Twisted Issues or the palpable human anxiety that drives Lunch Meat and Scary Movie, these are amateur films that have latched on to one real, true fear and have made it corporeal. And then they exploit that fear again and again until it is all but meaningless...

The term MURDERDRONE is evocative of repetition...The perpetual rhythm in these films is nightmarish in its own way, but each time a murder or attack occurs, the inevitability of it happening again is both more enticing and more exasperating. Each murder builds upon the last, not just in terms of quantity, but also by eliciting a sense of hopelessness and ultimately, acceptance.

And so strong is our desire to demystify death, that even when we know exactly what’s coming we choose to stick around and watch anyway.

—from the Introduction

Readings from the text by Nathaxnne Walker:


About the Authors
Peter Galvin tried to be a film critic once but it didn't pay very well and he had mouths to feed so now he writes purely as a hobby. He lives in Oakland, CA, with his wife, dog, cat, three chickens and one duck (he had two ducks but the fucking raccoons got the other one). Find him on Letterboxd.

Claire Cox is a gay trans girl witch. Find her on Letterboxd.

Nathaxnne Walker is on Letterboxd.

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