The deserter, upon finally removing themselves from lesser expanses of steel and concrete, must remain deserted, must harness the victory of pursuing abandonment.

We want to glorify sound by silencing it. Sound—that which drowns, which suffocates, which restricts our ability to form new consonants, new vowels. For submerged in a world of sound, we learn only to mimic the intonation of disappointment. We’ve become refrigerators. We’ve become microprocessors. We’ve become magic bullets noisily grinding our nutrients into a more bearable, drinkable mush.

We are against brokenness that can be worked out on paper. We are against the ruinous reality of anything that can be searched for and found. We are against anything named. Look up “thesaurus” in the thesaurus. Look up “dictionary” in the dictionary. There are only circles of verbosity. The thesaurus lists “ghost” as a synonym for “suggestion.” We must move beyond false signification by recognizing that all signification is false. We must compile and collect, but never syntactically.

Venerate the line between sand and sky. Venerate the deep body of water that doesn’t exist between the two.

What good did balsamic vinaigrette do?

The first illusion is that vast expanses exist to be occupied. Vast expanses occupy us. They collect slowly, like the dust of faded phantoms, and billow up in us, push through us, extending beyond us, always emanating from the internal.

The desire for boredom bores us. Seek elsewhere for such arbitrary sensations.

Reconfiguration is the key to reconceptualization. Dig a well. Watch the daytime stars that are visible only from the depth of a hole gouged in the earth.

Speak disquiet to the air, differentiating between the troposphere and the abstract space we imagine to exist around us. One doesn’t breathe abstract air; one doesn’t speak to abstract space. Grounding in the literal is the only water in the desert. Through abstraction, we desiccate our being. We exist in the absolute.

There will be no building of any structure off of which to spring oneself, purposely, into permanence with the sand. The only acceptable means of self-disposal is further abandon, further desertion, meditation into expiration. Light refracted through the absence of water must be the only witness to such a perilous leap.