Summer is disappearing into a wasp.

The Jesus men gather in a place called Dof
and cut their hair all the same length.

You can buy one for five dollars.
He is wretched:

          a tall man with a shrubby beard, eyes of a fox, an old brave           coat

          a man the colour of honey, something sticking out of his
          pocket       arrogance

In the desert a cactus is water.
In an apartment a cactus is the face of Jesus.

If you take a body
out of a body,
you are left with skin. Take

the man with his ribs
showing through, the dark bellies

of his eyes         he is singing
with his guitar     a cherry is falling

out of his pocket Ś no, a fig    this is a man
who possesses a fig

if you take him out of him,
you get another fig

If you get on a bus, the Jesus men disappear.
They like to go on foot:

a man with a tallow face, eyes
like wicks

a man eating an orange
with its rind

a slightly large man on a stool outside his shop, hair grey, heart
beating like two tree sparrows
caught in a bin

a man not taller than you, stitching
all across his chest           some wounds, he offers,
are more desired than others