“I have witnessed scenes and I have undergone perils that, recounting them, helps nothing but to revive the pain of suffering those cruelties. I witnessed, daily, executions of teens, youth; many who couldn't withstand the pressures and died under torture. In Gezel Hesar I saw something called Ghiyamat [Doomsday] which is perhaps unprecedented in the existence of the entire world. It is there that I witnessed hundreds of young girls who had gone insane because they were sexually violated.” —Dr Mohammad Maleki


the desert cold
only escape from themselvesfuckedover
land mass buried beneath
I stand in the desert and count the seconds of my life before the end. There is nothing for me to compare the space or time to. There is really only nothing. I can only still, stand for a while, until the space erases itself into the cold yellow brown of sand and cold. I could bury myself into erasure of the machinefucked existence of our new now, this empty now, this only now that can carry further out of the nothing the nothing the nothing the only way for maintain in this apocalypse of our selves, our space, our time, my cock pulsing hard with the blood of all sacrificed innocents, I hold my breath.
the emptiness of caskets that
is nowhere to be found
but the whole of the hole to
bury a body in


feeling another body
inside of your own
like god refusing to answer a
simple question
I walked up to the boy and asked him what he had beneath his pants. He told me but I didn't believe him and asked him to show me, so he did. I took hold of the appendage and thought of sticks on trees and how we are all part of something, but then I laughed at my naivety and stuck the machineappendage into my mouth. It tasted like salt and I believed him when he said it felt good. I took off my skirt and showed the boy my gash because he didn't believe me when I described it to him. I told him that the gash was the future, what would happen to him if he disobeyed what I told him. He stuck his tongue inside. He stuck his finger inside. I laughed, it tickled. My clitoris burning like the sun that shined above us in this desert heat. He stuck his machine inside and pumped in and out and I didn't bleed because it's too dry here. I felt good until I laughed at the sun and the sun got angryfuckeddeathsad at me. I laughed more until the sun stopped and I felt something move inside of me. I wanted the experience so when I grew up I could call the experience rape.
failure of the body understand
the machinesun


the only sun of godsun fucked
its way to the ground of running
waters forgotten source
outside of this our hole machine
On my walk home from the desert I saw a man take another man's head in his hands and twist I heard a crack that sounded like a hill rolling full sand rock crash twist. Mechanisms twisting in pain like dirt. Not dirt, sand. I watched a man kill another man and my fresh pressure towards orgasm erupted into the mud of creation. The men were unfamiliar but I wanted to know both of them, I wanted to exchange my tale of lust for theirs. This is how bodies can interact with one another, the godlustdeaththrust of parts and parts and parts things that go inside one another, cracks and blood and come all one and the same when we are all from a rib. I am no one without your pain, I shouted. Neither the dead man nor the man walking away looked back at me. I ran in my skirt to the body and touched it all over. I felt the broken bones under tight skin darkened in the heat of the sun. I felt everything that was once breathing. I think I can understand I yelled at the sun but the sun did not yell back. My godliftsun could not understand me, and this made me cry tears. I traced the tears onto the body of the dead man and reached into his pants to touch his flaccid sex. THIS IS NOT A MACHINE. This is only what it means to be empty inside.
machinesungod flash
body laughing damaged heat shit
shimmer shimmer ingsandsad
fuck these places of rest


skin mother alive
into the sand blood
melts like
our accelerated structures
a projection against heat
sell sell sell shout
My mother was waiting for me when I got home so I touched her neck and pushed until her breathingbreastheave stopped and still the sun burned down. Father screamed and I pulled a knife from the kitchen/s(h)elf fresh from meat and put it into new meat of father's side like the lamb of christ I thought to myself but couldn't remember what the reference meant. Maybe I should call my brother in the city and ask him how to dispose of bodies. Maybe I should call to this sun this sun-day sun or just bury the bodies in the sand. My sex's erosion echoed that of the ground in this heat. Nothing. Nothing. My family is your family is god's family is the sun's familydinnerpartyonthelawnICE. I want to erase your face mother I can shout I want to erase your arms father I want to put the ground back where it belongs, that is inside of bodies of bodies of bodies of space.
the sun god smiles today
for the heat is melt


the sun smell
smilelaugh at the bodies
stuck in the brown of
where i'm heading
I walked into the head of the sungod's sun and saw the shine of this laugh, this laugh that was guiding me now. I was lost but not lost because the way sand works is that you're always the same place again and again and again. This way to walk erases history because I know my body denies this history anyway. My breasts wanted to swell but the lack of moisture stopped my heave. Sigh I shouted PLEASE SUNGOD TAKE ME because I knew this gash could only be filled by the ink of the page I mean god's patriarchal member. But so I walked so I walked. Unendingly it seemed until I saw the future in the distant oasis of water and air. Alchemy. Space time continuum. But only sun and light. My feet dug into the ground. Heating this body my heatlust shouts, YES GOD YES SUN YES GOD GIVE ME A GUN TODAY. But I still never had sunburn with my dark flesh.
the nevermelt of this building
this this sandspace
God's silent sunlaugh I shoot
I shoot until burst


the sungod shouts
the instant of remarkablility
          forward together forward
The violence unfolded in front of my naïve young girl eyes. But I was nothing that could understand now, I had new desires. I touched my bud as the images unfolded. On the screen in the desert, the desert-screen: Two men tied up in an empty room, the sun absent in the basements of musk and bone, nude men, I knew this now, I understood the body parts, the men approached by other men who cut bloodmarks into the bodies, the bloodmarks leaking upon clothe and created the permeated color of dusk, I watch the men get hit and sigh and scream and moan and I could not understand the emotion these sounds were supposed to deliver, they were not near they were distanced by the sunscreen of god's projector ONLY IN THE ICE NO the sun could still laugh at my insistence that there was a grand narrative, the bodies continued to be marked by the paint of blood via the metal extensions of hands, sharp, these other men painting their art that of a new life their own sex raised like the boy's but different, more sturdy, more intrusive, these machines raised to our sun as the bodies the other bodies because redder and redder, sore and shouting and slowly obliterated into a RED HEAT OF GOD'S LAUGH. I touched a bump above my sex and understood these prehensile extensions, ah, this is cinema.
flickerflash god laugh
hide the sun for the screen's
we can eat now of the flesh
of images          


refusing another body
inside your own because
penetration leads no mark
only capitalist impulse to
WE EAT FLESH and with this note I refused the boy's confusion and gnashed his fresh cock between my teeth feeling the texture of the skin. what do you not understand I took my hands onto his sides and slapped until red showed, this burning red, not like burnt skin but like the fire under the sky when the dark takes the sun. EAT MY FLESH I yelled at the boy until he broke down in tears and I shoved my cut onto his mouth and made him taste my salt. YOU will never be a man was what my body was telling his whether he understood me or not. I took his gnawed off flesh and shoved it inside of my cuntpocket while the boy cried beside me and understood what it meant to be god.
THIS SUN'S mad(/e)ness is like
a reading light for the paths &
cracks of a fresh new body's


mother skin'd alive
her skin rooted to the ground
in a rug of godsunlaughspittal
yes sir i'd like another
In the desert I walk forward and follow the light. In the desert I walk forward and follow the light. The sun the head. I cannot sweat. In the desert I walk forward and follow the head. Fugue to water and believe in man over machine. YOUR CALL CANNOT BE COMPLETED AS DIALED. In the desert I walk forward and follow the sun I follow the heat I follow the light. A direct line from the last point to the next one. The shortest distance between two points a straight light. The desert eradicates perspective and all movement becomes a straight line only. But not a line a point. My body knows movement and this is not it. My body knows the blood seeping out of my cuntpocket. In the desert I walk forward and follow god.
heat laugh sweat god sun
no, this is not he
heat laugh sweat sun shit
my garments soild


the dead sun bleats below
and with walking only
can the rise be encountered
The light presents them to me. Tombs towering to heaven away from the fuckskygodlaugh of the dead black sun. I cower like sky and my sex buzzes. These are the dead, in front of me, appendages to the earth. These desert tombs. Layers of rock sediment dirt slab body slab dirt earth earth behind glass like a fishtank but only god's fishtank dry ariddeathblacksund to THE ONE TRUE GOD and these tanks these tombs this life I find myself sad and my body is filthy I am covered in dirt semen drying on my calves and my skirt torn red my blood the spunk this figure I feel rooted and run my hands against the glass that the livesun sparkles reflections the bodies crushed under heavy cement slabs whose god has permitted this, lost in this desert, this understanding of my body knows the blood seeping into the sand of the ground and my countenance shakes pulses like heat the earth shouts that she is sun and my confusion brings me to tears, this understanding of stasis this new light shaking everything around me peripheral invasion of the sense of GODBLACKSUNDEATH I want to climb to the top and prostrate myself to this reversal, this shift, this sun. The image burns my retinas and I can never forget what the blacksun has shown my dirt eyes this desert heat-screen of lust and desire that only now ONLY NOW does my cuntpocket blow up like a balloon to push this ground dig my feet in. In death we can know how to be god in death we can sun.
true death light blacksun
skyscraping obelisks of
& this


doomsday or deadblacksun-day
desert apocalypse ad infinitum

this towering glass tomb

continue forever without limit

this towering glass tomb

the black sun below