Literature: Influence, Echoes, and Systems / Influence of Systems on Literature (as Echoes)

LIES / ISLE is a journal dedicated to expanding the domain of experimental literature. While acknowledging that our work is influenced by the systems under which it operates, we also believe that it possesses the agency to affect change. From an editorial point of view, we contextually echo the history of the avant-garde, looking for pieces that approach their subjects through new aesthetic strategies.

To this end, LIES / ISLE welcomes submissions that pay particular attention to form or the hybridization of genre, including but not limited to conceptual writing, visual fiction and poetry, and works that deal with the space between static and time-based elements--conscious experimentation that subverts the idea of the homogenized system [-- a system that underlines not only the state of contemporary literature, but also the system that undermines contemporary life in general].