Shane Jesse Christmass,
The Old Man & His Several Generations of Absence

His mind was just the old man more. The old man intangible, walked, knocked. One passion, the walk, the old man knocked, too babbled, its here - the having, the his-pit, too realised to wash. Do out himself ; insoluble ; been coming see-through hand. Saint Peter screamed to him. They say that certain places in the body unrest many theories ; Ellery Cain (the old man) slept a deep sleep ; his body got feedback from such a good sleep ; so that in the morning ; his nightmares were a coolly verdict about his sleep ; Ellery Cain would walk every morning, flaming out, toward the bathroom ; holding a toothbrush, watching his slippers ; the medication he was on made his eyelids flicker & last for hours in the morning ; On the other side of town I was just waking up as well ; it had been a frightful wet dream ; a limbless Jesus, all artifice, my head was still reeling from such a dream ; I got up to clean myself ; my GF was a beautiful animal that I couldnt possible deserve ; my ill conceived lovelorn aspects had been accepted on the day of atonement ; foolishness and desire were my two mammals ; My housemate Cassius, started knocking on the front door ; I responded by pushing the sofa up against the front door ; Jesus was my favourite erotic object ; The old man put a toothbrush in his mouth ; he swallowed toothpaste like a pack wolf in a kitchen ; sleep came quickly to the old man ; he drank from his plastic cup ; he gathered up his pyjamas ; those pyjamas didnt give him access to anywhere else ; honour doled out huge cupfuls of medication to him ; he watched the orange sun turn on its abstract ; the medication clapped out in the separation of his mouth ; he swallowed them with no idea of what they were ; he king-hit the bed with his internal fire ; Ill be here, he whispered. Ill see you eventually. he said dryly ; panting. Im not Ellery Cain! he screamed ; In the days of speed it felt like everytime I was ingesting, I was ingesting a fixed bit of sex ; at first it felt arcane and erotic, but then denial circulated more ; & whispers came in relation to your fate ; I came home to the apartment one night ; very late ; in a cold Taxi ; I walked into the living room where my GF was sitting ; I felt like a pest ; She had wrapped an electric cord around her wrist ; I thought nothing of it ; for my head was hurt ; & we both resided in the long haul of lifetime ; with her sculpture I went forward and was given a picture of her sitting ; alone ; with this electric cord wrapped around her wrist ; I walked toward my GF ; not even acknowledging her presence ; my jaw all japed & duped ; she was playing with mud management again ; I couldnt discuss it further ; I went to bed ; used alcohol swabs sat on the dresser, as I got undressed ; smooth baubles of cotton ; The old man mentioned breakfast ; he bolted upright ; all stiff ; up & down his body he felt lethargic ; he pierced his room & closed his eyes ; His mind exhaled beneath this one, the light rustling. It was light to his other he. The old man forward hitched the black & sounded infinite passion, further walked & listened, from the recognised then places, previously before, his undone pillow ; There was a patient to the side of me ; some forty metres away ; the patient looked sound to be sad ; absolutely splendid as a loon ; I admired the patient for doing what they wanted ; swearing when they wanted ; kicking out when they wanted ; speaking when they wanted ; sleeping when they were tired ; eating when able ; dying when they dreamed ; the patient had constructed his own mythology ; it didnt involved political parties ; When I got home I telephoned Cassius ; I want to take a raincheck on drinking ourselves to death mboy! ; we were cheating ourselves into a heavenly appearance ; My GF had decided to go to bed at about 6pm ; quite frankly I wanted to as well ; but there was wisdom from fools afoot ; Id wait up ; ingest my speed ; Cassius rang me back after midnight ; Our sin is delusion! he blathered ; Dont get suck in by earthly constraints! ; I hung up on him ; there was more beer to drink ; Id lined up several more records to put on ; I wanted to hear the incantations ; In the morning I realise that ; all I need through these days was to make my mind bereft of thinking ; Id taken to skimming through A Concise Guide In Colour to Reptiles & Amphibians ; the Green Toad when in danger, secretes a milky, burning fluid ; tossing the book towards the end of the bed, it landed with aplomb on the quilt ; Im due to meet Cassius, but Im finding it difficult to get out of bed ; the service station has let me take a few weeks off ; a lack of cash is not allowing the GF and I to explore elegance ; the GFs fur coat is opulent warmth ; Ive taken to sleeping in it ; Later on ; around 2:30am ; I looked in on my GF ; mad ; loving ; inflamed by the desire for more ; this maniacal escort ; she had the living flame inside her ; I got in next her ; shivering beneath the cover of bed sheets ; bed sheets were slavered to my skin ; sewn to both the drooling saliva of my GF and myself ; in the morning I awoke and fired off all facets of presumed cancer encroaching in upon us ; I had originally bought the texta to deface toilet cubicles, but gave that away at the train station ; mainly because one day ; this guy had thrown unused condoms into the cubicle I was defacing ; After my GF did her dance ; she came over & fell on the carpet, beneath my spindly legs ; I wanted to bite her ; It was all right for me, I had no ambitions ; but the GF was talented ; entrapped in this city ; On speed one night I understood that my duty was to open eternal joy, to open it out of its earthbound substance ; until I came under the authority of whatevers overhead ; the GF wanted me to go to the bottle shop ; & to call Cassius on the way down ; I didnt particularly want to, but in this city at least ; my GF encourages me to. The old man awoke like some expanse of slow sweat that was somehow left inside him, in nothing ; he was skimmed death be stretched ; this was the expanse of sweat ; ripped The old man looked further than the hitched before, with a boorish charm ; it was all over. Pin-drops.