1. Synonyms: Smashed, Pulverized.
2. A relative.
3. Part of the human figure--at the top.
4. An alliteration: The players are __________ ping pong.
5. "The ______ is afoot."
6. Popular word used in similes.
7. Popular family game where one orders a group of others to do something using these two magic words at the beginning of the command. If players perform the command without hearing the two magic words, they're out of the game.
8. See #3.
9. A piece of furniture, usually found in the bedroom--contains drawers and a mirror.
10. 3(x) + 4 = 31.
11. Antonym: Pushed.
12. Correct, or not left.
13. Found on the front of #3--usually there are two of them.
14. When playing hot potato, the player ______ the potato and lost the game.
15. Homophone of "one."
16. The opposite of lost and it's not found.
17. Nike is the Greek goddess of _______.
18. Gandhi went on a _______strike--a form of civil disobedience.
19. Place where food is cooked.
20. The title of this piece.
21. Radiohead's "Karma _____."
22. The narrator's cousin.
23. Homophone of "chute."
24. See #8.
25. Night Of The _______ Dead.
26. Found in veins.
27. One who strives to be the best.
28. Common sex toy--usually fluffy and pink--chaining a mate to a bedpost.
29. A board _______.
30. Usually the first right in the Miranda Rights.
31. Popular handheld electronic game testing one's memory.
32. Opposite of "to come" or "stay." Similar to "leave."
33. Hear.
34. The second word of the answer to #7.
35. Usually found around the wrist--tells time.
36. Common word for vehicle.
37. Third word in #7.
38. Won.

I _________1._______ my _____2.________ Damien in the ______3._____ . We were __________4._____ a _________5.______ -- it went _______6._____ this:

He said, ____7. ___shoot me in the ____8.____. I went to my uncle's ____9.___, took out his _____10.___ mm, and ____11.___ the trigger. It was a good shot--____12.__ above his ______13.___, centered. He _____14.___ to the floor, and I ____15.___. I _____16.___. ______17.____ gave birth to ___18.___, and I went to the _____19.____, and while I was making some ______20._____, the ____21.___ came--I told them what happened.

I told them that _______22.___ said that Simon told him to tell me to ______23.___ him in the _____24.___. He's in the _____25.___ room, I said, not much ______26.___. I have some carpet cleaner, I said, I'll clean it up. The officers told me I was under arrest. I'm very _____27.___, I said. They put _____28.___ on me. It's just a _______29.___, I said. They read my rights--did you know that I could have remained ____30.____? But I wanted to play some more. ____31.___ says let me ___32.___, I said, but they didn't _____33.___. Simon ____34.___ release me, I said, but they just told me to ___35.___ my head as I sit down in the ____36.___. They weren't too good at the ____37.___ -- I ____38.___ again.