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MAX were an old hound but he wasn't just an old hound he was MAX.

       He used to run a round the planet sniffin up all the tree bark. Said it were to determine the limits a scale. MAX were the greatest tree-scaler there was and MAY loved him for that. i wished so bad-like she'd love me for somethin. But all that's over now. All that's left a MAX: a piss-portrait on the flatrock, flanked by two hollow jugs a Carlo Rossi.

       MAY and i showered in the steam a the waterdrop. Not the waterdrop by the pond dune, the one by MAX's old curl-up spot. We dried each other off in the other's dirty clothes so we might trade scents for a day. We found a way to sniff each other this way and that. And then to scale a tree. And then to lay a round, stretchin out balloon clouds with our brain-tails. i picked at her tears. Squeezed her palm-meat real soft.
       We made our way to the pond dune just in time to watch old MAX jump from the flatrock to next Tuesday. i told MAY. i said - See, MAX still up there scaling trees like always were! MAY say nothin. Just stared up at next Tuesday, like it were made a rubber. We scaled the tallest tree there was. She slipped. But i caught her by the brain-tail and slid her up to scale. i gave her a knee-lift to the flatrock and watched as she made her way to next Tuesday. MAX & MAY scaled trees together in the sky pond.

       That night i got drunk on my own weight.