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He went to buy smokes, must have been days ago now.
     Will she call the police? No: vacancy.
     Moaning, slapping: skin on skin; screaming sometimes.
     Now she remembers, it's been going on for days --
     Shut the fuck up. Take a pill.
     The game: he, doctor, she, patient; so much fun.
     One shoe fell, anticipating the other.
     Now a door slammed shut, a splash: the pool.
     Now the bed sprang up, feet on the ceiling.
     A figure moving through space, another dimension above:
          The door opens, another dimension below.
          The door shuts. Another splash, a familiar voice:
          She heard him say, "What're you getting me into?"
          She melts into the pool
          and into Him,
               What makes Him the godhead?