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Alxndr got hisself a girlfren. Got theyselves a litl pre-home in th hills above th pipelane. Real nice. Got the vinyl stick-top floors, big ass wallView in th living room. REAL nice. It.

REAL smart, Alxndr. He come here cuzzz he canít stand ppl no more. That what he say. I say, What mean, canít stand em? Say, just canít. Donít like em. He just donít like ppl no more. Come here, desert, get away. He say free here. Me.

We best workers hole pipelane. BIG PROLEM, call us. We best. Some ppl look dwn us cuzzz we work th lane but we do portant work Ė know it. REAL PORTANT. Say so in th palmbook, all cap like that.

Sometime pipelane hard work. But know do nothing else Ė we know do nothing else. Work th lane. Float th gel. Hit th pipe. Tread th snuff an punch th junk. We do.

My chaw give me work one th buildings a time. No sense making. Go back th lane. I belong Ė we belong, me an Alxndr.

I tell Alxndr you too smart be here. Me, I dumb stay here. He say I know things most ppl donít know, can never know. I donít know. He real sad.

He stand in field by hisself and look dwn at th ground. He dig hole in th ground. I say, What you do, Alxndr? He say, Go on, leave. Work do, go. I say, Alxndr, do nothing stupid make us late work tmrrw. Lot pipe hit tmrrw, I say. He say, Ttyl. Just diggin th ground up.

The nxt day Alxndr no come to work. Me go self hit pipe, bored. Need Alxndr tell jokes and hate ppl talk more fun work. Less yawn time, laugh wanting. Cut gel tie, float up top, open shut valve top, decomprezzz.

Sky dark. Rain go up, why? Field flood, hole go, where? BIG PROLEM. Who call? No Alxndr. Me an Alxndr can do not out Alxndr. Me, not.

Cuzzz no find Alxndr go tell his girlfren, sad. She say, What you do? I say, Nothing. I tell. She no believe. Get knife. Try hurt, stab. I fight, say no. She fall.

Walk out pre-home, step down, fall ground. Palm book say nothing this, throw far. Bloody bloody mess ground. Rain go up all round. Cry, yell, sky. Tears fall up eyes like gel flush. Ground soak, crack. Float up sky, me. Light bright, dark, blood, wash.