by Antonio Urdiales
the abstract designs of the porn set decorator too
the british ogre
mr. british ogre
driving his car
straight through you

unknown problems, in a desert

a cruise ship island
this is where i was
the murder was committed on the vast plane separating each sector
each room, a slick moldy decoration, empty corners, corridors
more rococo than the last, because walls led to nothing, doors opened square
death came fast

a couple with increasingly growing population of small dogs
an aging superstar, squealing mounds of fur enbedded in thickening
carpet the deadest of weight
her life rolled out
extending for hate

each satine wall, each blended yellow wall, sanitized, leading towards glass doors
the glittering sea beyond and the grassy moors on the other side, more glittering
than anything else i could have ever seen, i could see guards
the yellow haze of the sky, the morning of those murders on the highlands
this is where the world is for me, life on this ship
amidst the empty sea
these are the only walls i've known, born in this prison, a cruise ship island
climbing increasingly, golden charmed, scrolling up and over
glittering mass of purple glass, a globular crust encrusting the kitchen, crawling
growing growing more inside of me
and this litter of hairy and hairless demons, they had been together for so long

this island of murder
where the scientist murdered his children
his wife
and killed himself
in my house
a history i never knew of
until it slipped towards me, from childbirth
a secret truth
seasons changed on the cruise ship island, but the sky was always cloudy moving through vast
terrains of sparkle

pain for sacred things
my mother
the coming the coming the coming

news was finished finally
news was obsolescent
opalescent, afire with glinting color
the moon was bright foul
and prophetic

dead walker
the same news of golden supremacy
walls shone with encrusting hard glamour a sticky stretch
sprays into flesh of the light
light of the flesh
so bright it turns on dead

sensual snake
blame risk and mistake

un-slipped and away from me
dream like ocean came to life
spreading out and infinitude in front of me
glory of murder
on the grassy hills
windswept and gray
sky hovering above a special glittering sea, ablaze illuminating you and me
there the walls climbed, puppies yelping

the evening, this evening, was beautiful, smoky
air hung in the air thick with pale rose and orange smokiness
haze of fire haze of fire
i live in the womb
dark cave-like murder under monster beds

another world
sweeter world

return home