Of the many things inside Höseki Fukuda's small apartment, most notable were his two Real Dolls "Me" and "Me." Placed on parallel sofas, they faced each other as each other's mirror in his 106 ft2 Kabukicho district studio apartment.

Me and Me were purchased at for 4500 and 6090USD, or 404,300 and 547,275¥, respectively (at this present conversion rate of 1=89.702). They were shipped in custom crates via FedEx, signed for and received, roughly inspected, and violated within 30 minutes of receipt.

Höseki was a mid-level clerk, working 50 - 60 hours a week consolidating expense reports for Zojirushi Group. He was unmarried, suffered from Thoracic disc herniation, and had a 5.2 inch penis. An avid Manga and Hentai reader, his collection of those books scaled an entire wall, each colored spine neatly stacked together like a genome of some great unwritten story.

He microwaved 4 oz. of hamachi and 4 oz. of hamachi inside a small plastic container. The 8 oz. of hamachi felt heavy inside him as he sat in the kitchenette during lunch break. One of the junior accountants Mimi was hot, and not because of the microwave. Höseki looked at her and imagined ramen for brains.

Me was his favorite because of a peculiar clarity and alignment in her eyes, which almost read as human. His relationship with the other Me, due to a skin irritation caused by misinformed bleach application, slowly deteriorated. Me—in the narrative he applied to her, as he did with the other Me—was actually his second-cousin. Weary of the genealogical implications of incest, he only expunged on her.

An elaborate system by which to hang the other Me by her ankles from bicycle hooks was mounted into the ceiling. This provided sufficient area for both sofas on which said occurrences took place when joined together. Because of the low clearance (3 ft.), Höseki needed to tuck in his head and shoulders during violations, which only aggravated his spine condition.

At this present moment, Höseki gets off work at 6:00PM and is in the door by 6:47. The schedule is simple: set the rice to cook in the rice cooker for 20 minutes, just enough time to violate Me as the other Me looks on. (A retina without a brain is still a camera.) Höseki is usually done before the rice is, but not today, as today is the day of the tsunami.

4000 oz. of hamachi and 4000 oz. of hamachi are inside a small studio apartment. The 8000 oz. of hamachi feels heavy around him as Me and Me's arms are accidentally locked together in an incidental hug—floating as they are, one looking through the densely speckled sea water with straighter eyes, the other just looking.