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June 24, 2015

 The Book is a Ghost 
Thoughts & Paroxysms for Going Beyond
by Roger Gilbert-Lecomte
translated by Michael Tweed

Reviewed by Christopher Kelly at The Spectacle
Reviewed by Garrett Caples at Rain Taxi

About the Book:
After the dissolution of Le Grand Jeu, Roger Gilbert-Lecomte, in an autonomous capacity, carried on the mission that had been established by his now estranged fellow travelers. Collecting thoughts, essays,fragments and paroxysms on the revolutionary impulse of poetry, art, and life, THE BOOK IS A GHOST presents an image of Gilbert-Lecomte as a visionary writer whose impulse to transcend the banality of the everyday has been matched by few since Antonin Artaud.

In considering the revolutionary spirit within the context of a mysticism (a term that is still functionally a dirty word for intellectuals), the texts gathered in this book strive to present alternative considerations of the intellectual & artistic concerns of Gilbert-Lecomte's day—concerns which still grip us a century later: the cinema, the value of art, the metaphysics of absence, a speculative consideration of vision through the pineal gland, a refusal to posit the high and the low as binary opposites, the limiting nature of expression & representation, and the ever pervasive question of death. In his consideration of poetry & the way language can shape thought, these essays reveal that Gilbert-Lecomte predated the structuralists & post-structuralists that would rise to prominence in the second half of the 20th century.

In this volume, deftly translated by Michael Tweed, Gilbert-Lecomte's constant striving for revelation and revolution, his desire to refuse (and transcend) the corporeal limits one inhabits by being human, are finally revealed to English language readers.

Introduction by Michael Tweed

The Evolution of the Human Mind
The Value of Art
The Alchemy of the Eye
from The Metamorphoses of Poetry
Lizard, Crack

The Work’s Effectiveness
Language, Aesthetics
Acts of Deprivation
Metaphysics of Absence
Terror on Earth
Return of the Flame
The Senses of Being
notes for Psychology of States
notes on Science
Miscellaneous Notes
Humankind’s Third Birth
The Dialectical Force of the Mind
Creators and Producers
Refusal to Obey
The Problem of Expression
Double Hermeticism
The Meaning of Creation
The Problem of Total Expression Within Duration
Problem and Parabola
About the Author & Translators:
Roger Gilbert-Lecomte (1907-1943) was the founder, with René Daumal, of the influential French literary movement Le Grand Jeu and editor of the magazine by the same name.

Michael Tweed is an artist and writer living a quiet existence in the country.

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