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Texts and editions found within the heliocentric luxury of aberrant living.

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SL037: GOD. who is cur i want to curr - Jared Joseph
SL036: Goes Further / Gets Richer - Madeleine Stack
SL034: This Mutilated Woman's Head - Aurora Linnea
SL033: Apart From - M Kitchell
SL030: Phase-sponge [] the keep - Torin Jensen
SL028: Young Americans - Jackqueline Frost ON SALE
SL027: hlaw hla (w whal daw - Nathaxn Walker
SL026: Stonepoems - Carrie Lorig & Sara Woods
SL024: Brute Sphinx - Scott Hammer
SL019: The Luciferians: The Apocalypse of Dan Hoy, Book Five ON SALE

SL2014: Subscription Package

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